1. Not enough weed on the planet

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  2. Happy 420!!!

    Oh and happy zombie Jesus day too


  3. ssublimeade asked: could you check out my blog please?

    Definitely a dope blog… Would totally recommend ppl check it out :)

  4. the-unpopular-opinions:

    The quote above represents remarkable insight into one of the largest human delusions. 

    Each country only exists insofar as we agree that it does.  Ownership and private property is agreed upon fiction.  So why are proud of where we are born?

    National pride makes no sense.  You have no control over your country of origin, so why be proud of it?  Why fight for it?  Are you proud of your genetic predisposition for skin cancer?  People who take a lot of pride in their nationality should focus their energy on being proud of their achievements and accomplishments, not the particular chunk of land they happened to be born on.

    National pride is a tool used to control people, to divide people, and to breed animosity towards others.  And to fight unnecessary wars. 

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  5. Wtf is wrong with ppl…. Rape isn’t fucking funny. How hard of a concept is it. Let me put it in terms u fucking neanderthals can understand…. RAPE BAD!!!


  6. Anonymous asked: BACK OFF MA NIGGA

    Haha haha haha… Back off what??? I love shit talking anons. Idiot, Why don’t u come off anon so i have some idea of what the fuck ur talking about. If not go fuck urself grey face


  7. mdmaz-i-n-g asked: Spice is like synthetic weed and is pretty much the stupidest shit you could ever smoke.

    Ah thank you for informing me… No wonder why i had no idea what it was.


  8. the blog i reblogged this from is worth following


  9. rositafresita-u asked: First time i got high was my senior year in high school. I was smoking spice with a couple of friends behind a cemetery that was across the street from my school, and it was a rainy day too which felt perfect.

    I digg it… But what the hell is spice?


  10. twoobirdsonestone asked: The first time I got high, it was right after I ended 10th grade, we left school and went to this abandoned railroad station out in the woods. we had a big fire going at night and I smoked weed and took shrooms both for the first time together. We were walking through the woods and I kept swearing that the trees were following us.

    Damn ur a bad ass, shrooms and weed on ur first time. At an abandoned rail yard in the woods. Cute girl, on drugs, in an abandoned rail yard in the woods, If it was a horror movie u woulda been the first one dead!!!